When normal physical therapy techniques are too painful or no longer work without caregiver assistance, the FOOTBAR® Walker allows patients to go from sit-to-stand without a caregiver having to pull on them. The ease for the patient of going from a sit-to-stand position comes from the top pull bar being secured by a caregiver’s counter pull and applied body weight. This allows the patient to gauge their own pain tolerance. It also allows straight forward and upward movements, no twisting of the body and no stress on wrist, hands, elbows, and shoulders, but rather using their arm muscles and core muscles to comfortably rise and get up on their own using the top pull bar. Alternative hand placements are allowed to deal with patient needs, such as a weak arm or shoulder, all the while not being pulled on by a caregiver, who cannot feel the patient’s pain, while being allowed to stand at their own pace. The patient is in control and does not fear being pulled on by a caregiver. An additional bonus is that the FOOTBAR® Walker saves the caregiver’s back, health, and stress, whether they are home caregivers or professionals.

PATIENTS: Those who have caregivers and still struggle to stand and sit back down will find that you can get up with more ease and less pain, while feeling more secure to move at your own pace while using our top bar.  You know your own pain level.  The FOOTBAR® Walker eliminates the need for caregivers to pull on your arms and joints; you use your body core, arm and leg muscles, thus applying Newton’s First Law of physics of “a body in motion stays in motion.”  YOU WILL BE PROTECTING YOUR CAREGIVER’S HEALTH ALSO.

CAREGIVERS: Many caregivers who struggle with assisting people to stand and sit, can now protect their backs, health, and futures.

EMPLOYERS: Think of your patients, and your employees backs, careers and the worker’s compensation claims that can be avoided.

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