The FOOTBAR® No Lift Walker

1st Place Winner of the 2019 International Safe Patient Handling & Mobility Technology Innovation Award

Footbar® Walker – patented, safe patient handling transfer and lifting device features a unique no lift PULLBAR designed to improve, retrain or regain sit-to stand transfer function which may be lost due to several factors such as temporary injury or surgery (hip/knee replacement) or permanently through disease progression or other medical conditions which may be physical or neurological in nature where sit to stand limitations prevent the completion of MRADLs (mobility related activities of daily living) and IADLs (independent activities of daily living). Where STS limitations exist other medical equipment or alternatives such as mechanical lifts , 2-person lift, chair lifts, gait belts and caregivers are often used to achieve sit to stand functions: the Footbar® Walker was designed to help improve the sit-to-stand function. Customers with the following conditions/diagnoses have purchased the FOOTBAR Walker: Osteoarthritis, chronic pain sufferer, surgery for hip and knee replacement, Alzheimer’s/dementia(s), Obesity, Progressive Supranuclear Palsy, Parkinson’s, Transverse Myelitis, generalized weakness, Neuromuscular Disease, Stroke, Sarcopenia, and Multiple Sclerosis.


Best Heavy Duty Walkers For Seniors & The Elderly

The FOOTBAR® Walker is an award-winning innovative mobility aid that can be used to safely and easily go anywhere!

A proven alternative to lifting patients. A portable and easy-to-use all-in-one solution for patient mobility assistive devices.

This NO LIFT, sit-to-stand, transfer assisting, walking aid is designed to give full support to healthcare workers and caregivers,

while allowing patients to be independent without being pulled or tugged on.

Outstanding Support, Quality, and Comfort.


Individuals suffering from limited mobility due to a variety of medical issues often have trouble and need help standing from a seated position, or lowering into a seated position from a standing position. Being lifted under the arms can cause pain to both the patient and the healthcare worker.


The FOOTBAR® Walker has revolutionized the use of gait belts and manual lifting by allowing the caregiver to simply use their body weight and a single foot to anchor the walker to the floor, while the patient grips the sturdy pull bar across the top to stand or sit. The caregiver counter pulls with little effort or stress to their shoulders, back, neck or health.


Healthcare workers, RNs, LPNs, home health aides, lift teams and family caregivers who struggle with assisting people to stand and sit can now protect their backs, health, and futures.


Our hope is that those who have caregivers and still struggle to stand and sit back down will find that you can get up with more ease and less pain while feeling more secure to move at your own pace while using our pull bar. You know your own pain level, many FOOTBAR® patients report little to no pain while using and prefer the FOOTBAR® to more traditional lifting devices or manual lifting.


The FOOTBAR® eliminates the need for caregivers to pull on your arms and joints; you use your body core, arm and leg muscles, thus applying Newton’s First Law of physics of “a body in motion stays in motion.”  Patients may notice a reduction in skin tears, fear of falling or being dropped by caregivers, ability to move at own pace, greater dignity and independence, increased quality of life, and ease of use even with generalized weakness.


Employers may benefit from reduced worker’s compensation claims due to less manual lifting by the employee (healthcare worker / caregiver).  Employers may also benefit from reduction in work-related injuries often associated with Musculoskeletal Disorders (MSDs), decreased lost time, higher quality of work life and worker satisfaction, and increased staff retention. The FOOTBAR meets the needs of safety equipment programs that practice patient-handling activities.


The FOOTBAR offers a NO LIFT mechanical option to reduce manual lifting. Nurses and healthcare workers have one of the highest rates of occupational injury and are at a 76% risk of back injury due to manual lifting, transferring and re-positioning. OSHA recommends the use of more assistive devices and states have enacted safe patient handling laws due to injury.


With hospitals and health facilities such as nursing homes and SNFs implementing No Lift and Zero Lift programs and practices, the FOOTBAR meets these new demands.  Healthcare facilities that utilize vertical lifts, sit-to-stand lifts, lift walkers, transfer assistance aids, gait belts or other patient lifting equipment may enjoy the following benefits by adding the FOOTBAR to their health care tool kits:


    • higher patient care satisfaction,
    • higher worker satisfaction,
    • fewer falls,
    • reduction in use frequency and time required by lift teams,
    • increased productivity,
    • reduction in cost compared to other motorized hoist and lifting devices,
    • reduction in work-related injuries,
    • reduction in time required before returning to patient activity.


Customer Review: “I was able to stand on my own, within 24 hours after surgery, with less pain than trying to stand with someone’s help.”


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