FOOTBAR® “No Lift” Walker


Footbar® Walker – patented walker features Pullbar designed to improve, retrain and regain sit to stand transfer function which may be temporarily or permanently lost.


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How do I know if this product is right for me? 

Recommended Test: Have intended user try to pull themselves up at the kitchen sink while seated. If too weak and unable, this product would not be appropriate for use.


Shipping only available in U.S. 48 contiguous states.


  • No-lift, transfer-assisting walking aid
  • Unique counterbalancing design
  • Gives full support to caregivers, while allowing users to be more independent without being pulled or tugged on
  • Portable, foldable, preassembled with adjustable heights, rated for individuals up to 350 lbs.


  • Can be used where caregivers are needed to achieve sit-to-stand functions
  • Gives full support to caregivers, while allowing patients to be independent without being pulled or tugged on
  • Features a unique no-lift PULLBAR design
  • Allows the caregiver to simply use their body weight and a single foot to anchor the walker to the floor, while the user grips the sturdy pull bar across the top to stand or sit
  • Removes the need for lifting by a caregiver and allows users to become more independent
  • Makes getting in and out of vehicles easier
  • Fits most ADA-accessible restrooms for added assistance


  • Age – Not a Problem!  Many customers are 80+
  • Pulling up vs. other methods is instinctively and naturally easier
  • Safer for Patient & Caregiver
  • FOOTBAR Walker Awarded Highest Honor – Safe Patient Handling & Mobility Association Award
  • Qualifies under Health Savings Plan & Flexible Spending Accounts
  • Medicare Advantage Supplemental Benefit



Customer Review: My father at age 91 broke his hip in 11 places. With the FOOTBAR® Walker, he was able to get up and down easily and without stress to his body. It allowed his caregiver the ability to respond to his needs with very little strength and effort on their part. Our family will forever be thankful for this wonderful invention.


Cognitive ability does not impede natural function, cueing and prompting may be required but natural instinct takes over once hands are placed on pullbar and “cued” or asked to “pull and stand”.


Footbar® Walker – patented walker features PULLBAR designed to improve, retrain and regain sit to stand transfer function which may be lost due to temporary injury, surgery (hip/knee replacement) or permanently through disease progression, which may be physical or neurological in nature.



Independence is the key to living a happy and healthy life. The Footbar® Walker offers the ability to maintain a healthy and active lifestyle. It is the most affordable, durable, and reliable rolling walker for seniors and the elderly with mobility related needs. This walker is perfect for those with balance issues, weak muscles, and anyone experiencing difficulty walking short distances.



The Footbar® Walker consists of a new standard base walker, rated up to 350 pounds, with the Top Pull Bar and the Foot Bar attached and ready to use with no assembly required. The height adjustment for the patient is exactly the same as a normal walker, simply engage the leg push pins to raise or lower.


Usually ships within 24 hours of order receipt. Shipping to all 48 contiguous states. Canada, Hawaii, and Alaska (call for pricing). We use UPS WORLDSHIP. Tracking will be provided as soon as shipment is on its way.


For local sales office, visit us in Paris, Tennessee or order by phone 731-924-4444.



We look forward to being your trusted mobility source.


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Patient with Supranuclear Palsy



Wife (chronic back pain) able to assist 350 lbs. spouse with no added pressure to her back



Dr. John Recommends FOOTBAR Walker




Customer Reviews

Thanks for acting so quickly to get it to us

Our FOOTBAR® Walker arrived late yesterday afternoon. I unpacked it and was glad to see there was no assembly required. Bob wasn’t having a good day yesterday and had laid down for the afternoon and was refusing his supper meal at the assisted living. But I took the FOOTBAR® Walker over and explained it to him. So he sat up and got his stiff body loosened up and stood up using it. He was elated I didn’t have to pull on him. I’m anxious to see what the therapist’s reaction to it today will be. Thanks for acting so quickly to get it to us.

JoAnn and Bob Headder

The FOOTBAR®Walker is just fabulous

The FOOTBAR® Walker is just fabulous. I can’t tell you how much it has revolutionized my care of George. I no longer have to pull and tug on him. The ease of getting him up from a low sofa or a chair without arms has been awesome! Thanks so much for giving us a new lease on life.

Peggy and George White

So much safer than trying to use that safety belt and the caregiver’s strength

We would have never made it without my husband FOOTBAR® Walker. He is 6’5” and I’m 5’3”, so my trying to pull him up and help him walk was a challenge. I damaged both shoulders and was in pain all the time. We were told about the FOOTBAR® Walker, I called and talked to Nancy and took my husband to their place of business and Gary brought a FOOTBAR® Walker out to our vehicle and my husband stood up by the car and tried the walker. We were so excited that he really did like the walker and we got one. Besides the fact that this FOOTBAR® Walker kept my husband out of the nursing home, it also allowed me to have surgery on my right shoulder. I thank God often that we were introduced to the FOOTBAR® Walker and I was getting to keep my husband home and get my shoulder fixed. I am having my left shoulder fixed soon. I thank God that they invented this FOOTBAR® Walker. It is the best thing that could have happened to us, for my Husband to be able to pull himself up without me having to pull on him. I just wish that we had known about the FOOTBAR® Walker earlier so I would not have hurt myself to the point that I could barely take care of myself. I was the only help my husband had before. I’m thankful my shoulders were all that I had damaged and not my back too. I recommend this FOOTBAR® Walker to everyone who will listen, every caregiver needs this walker for the sake of both the patient and the caregiver, if used according to the directions, which are very easy, it is so much safer than trying to use that safety belt and the caregiver’s strength.

Mrs. Wayne (Deborah) Meggs

FOOTBAR® Walker would work for him and it did

My father fell and then laid in the hospital for a few days before they started therapy. Then he went to rehab for 3 months. I brought him home and was using a slide board with him. The Therapists continued at home to work with him and we had some great ones. He went 5 months without walking. He was pulling up at a sink to stand up. A therapist found the Footbar walker online and thought the FOOTBAR® Walker would work for him and it did. He continued to work hard and eventually got back to walking and can go 200 ft. with the walker. He is able to walk and doesn’t need to pull up to get up now. He is 91.

Joan Areheart

Easily helps him to his feet

My brother-in-law had just lost his wife and was having to move to another state to be near his daughters. On his way to his new home, he stopped by Paris, TN and picked up his new FOOTBAR® Walker. It has been an awesome machine to help him in his new surroundings. He is more than twice the weight of his daughter and yet, she easily helps him to his feet(and down again) as he moves about his new home. Thank you.

James Campbell III

What a great invention

For two years, my husband Marion Bash, was using just a standard walker. After multiple falls and injuries to his upper torso, he required my assistance to get up from a chair, out of bed or to get out of the car. Life changed instantly with his new FOOTBAR® Walker that recently was put on the market. What a great invention! Now he is safe using the FOOTBAR® Walker at his own pace. This new FOOTBAR® Walker gives him the ability to easily rise from his sitting position to standing position the FOOTBAR® Walker has relieved any hardship on my back and hips which I so desperately needed. Thanks to the FOOTBAR® Walker. GANM, LLC for making life much easier. We highly recommend this product to make life more enjoyable, whether you are a patient or caregiver. You will thank Gary and Nancy Morris for their brilliant idea of saving people’s livelihoods.

Brenda and Marion Bash

It has given him the freedom he wouldn’t know if we didn’t have it

I just wanted to give you a quick update on our FOOTBAR® Walker and John. I have been so thankful to have this tool in my house! It took John at least a week before he would trust the walker enough to actually let it do the lifting work. At first, I was thinking “why did we buy this darn thing if he isn’t going to use it”. Then it kicked in with him I guess. It has given him the freedom he wouldn’t know if we didn’t have it. He would be stuck laying in the bed 24/7 because that would be the only place he could get in and out of. The first few days home our sons were physically lifting him in and out of his recliner. He began to trust the walker more and allowed me to assist him. It has given him the freedom to sit in the kitchen and his chair in addition to the bed. Rehabilitation has been slow but we are making it, and making it better with the FOOTBAR® Walker!!! Wishing you the best!

Linda Rinker

It was brilliant

I have been on the Rehabilitation path for over 10 years, and have seen a lot of modification, adaptive equipment within the field of Occupational Therapy/Physical Therapy. When Nancy approached our facility at the end of 2018 and demonstrated the FOOTBAR® Walker I was taken back. It was brilliant! A simple safe efficient fix to eliminate some lifting, depending on the situation when transferring residents within our Skilled Nursing Facility.

Chad DeLancey

We were amazed at how easy it was

I had my hip replaced and it was a very difficult time for us. My wife had to help me get out of bed and out of chairs. It was hard on her because I am not a small man. I was very heavy and it was hard for her to help me get around. Gary and Nancy Morris told us about their invention, the FOOTBAR®Walker. We were amazed at how easy it was for me to stand up on my own without hardship on either of us. It was great and made life easier for us. We would recommend the FOOTBAR® Walker for anyone regardless of their age. Thank you, Gary and Nancy Morris.

Eugene E. Wilbur

I am totally in love with my FOOTBAR® Walker

I am totally in love with my FOOTBAR® Walker. It not only has helped me to gain strength in my upper body, I no longer have to worry about being somewhere with the inability to get up and down. Before I would dread being somewhere because I didn’t have the strength to pull up on my walker and the person assisting me was struggling to hold on. Now I have no fear that whoever is assisting can successfully help me get from a sitting to a standing position with no effort. I would recommend the FOOTBAR® Walker to anyone with problems getting up and caregivers that are struggling to assist!!

Nancy Harris

I was amazed

Both my wife and I are disabled and overweight. We suffer from back, knee, ankle, etc. pain which makes mobility a daily struggle for us. The FOOTBAR® Walker has vastly improved our ability to get up from normal furniture. It causes no strain on my back to help my wife get off a low piece of furniture using the FOOTBAR® Walker. My wife has suffered pain for years attempting to stand from regular chairs, and I was amazed by the ease with which she was able to stand when using the FOOTBAR® Walker.

George and Carol Ellison

The FOOTBAR® Walker is a miraculous invention

The FOOTBAR® Walker is a miraculous invention! My father at age 91 broke his hip in 11 places. With the FOOTBAR® Walker, he was able to get up and down easily and without stress to his body. It allowed his caregiver the ability to respond to his needs with very little strength and effort on their part. Our family will forever be thankful for this wonderful invention.

Kathy Callicott Ray


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