What a great invention

For two years, my husband Marion Bash, was using just a standard walker. After multiple falls and injuries to his upper torso, he required my assistance to get up from a chair, out of bed or to get out of the car. Life changed instantly with his new FOOTBAR® Walker that recently was put on the market. What a great invention! Now he is safe using the FOOTBAR® Walker at his own pace. This new FOOTBAR® Walker gives him the ability to easily rise from his sitting position to standing position the FOOTBAR® Walker has relieved any hardship on my back and hips which I so desperately needed. Thanks to the FOOTBAR® Walker. GANM, LLC for making life much easier. We highly recommend this product to make life more enjoyable, whether you are a patient or caregiver. You will thank Gary and Nancy Morris for their brilliant idea of saving people’s livelihoods.

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