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The FOOTBAR® Walker consists of a brand new walker with a lower attachment and an upper attachment that is factory installed. No assembly is required and will be shipped as one piece.

The lower foot bar piece allows the caregiver to utilize their body weight to pin the walker’s front legs to the floor or ground surface securely. The upper part incorporates multiple hand placement stabilization choices for both the patient and the caregiver. The FOOTBAR® Walker increases patients’ self-help and reduces most of the caregiver’s exertion. Once the patient is standing upright, the caregiver might step aside and monitor the patient’s immediate ambulation. The accessory package converts an existing walker into a device that not only helps the patient to stand but also reduces the strain on the caregiver.

The FOOTBAR® Walker with the accessories installed offers no interference or compromise to the existing walker’s integrity, mobility, or storage. FOOTBAR® Walker elevates the quality of care to patients and caregivers are able to care for their patients and/or loved ones with much more ease. Patients are now able to stand with little to no pain that was once caused by a caregiver pulling them up. FOOTBAR® Walker also benefits caregivers by allowing them to help their patients without injury to themselves or their patients.

The FOOTBAR®Walker is ready to use with no assembly required. The brand new walker is rated to 350 lbs equipped with the patented walker standing aids permanently attached, both the top bar and bottom foot bar. You can adjust the height of the walker to a person’s hip even with the hand placements on the walker (walker still adjust as it would normally-set and use).

Stop hurting your backs, shoulders, wrist, and joints.  Order today and enjoy the difference the Footbar®Walker can make. The back and shoulders you save may be your own.

DME sales are also available through our national sales representatives. Call 731-924-4444 for more information.


FREE SHIPPING-(48 Continental USA states)

The FOOTBAR®Walker is shipped within 24 hours Monday through Friday.

We ship UPS Worldship. (For out of country rates email thefootbarwalker@gmail.com or call 731-924-4444).

Footbar®Walker was voted #1 SAFE PATIENT HANDLING AND MOBILITY Technology Innovation for 2019

THE FOOTBAR®WALKER— “Assists patients and caregivers”   It’s like having a safety pull bar where ever your patient needs to stand up, or sit down, just by “putting your foot down” and holding the top bar, as their caregiver…..its easy to use and very comfortable no matter which side of the walker you are on.  Most of our customers say “WOW!”( in amazement) ORDER TODAY! They pay for themselves in many ways.


Does Medicare cover the FOOTBAR®Walker?  

FOOTBAR®Walker is sold as a cash pay product, and the supplier is not enrolled in Medicare. Therefore, Medicare will not cover the Footbar® walker.

Will my private insurance cover the FOOTBAR®Walker?      

FOOTBAR®Walker is sold as a cash pay product.  Please feel free to check with your insurance provider to pursue reimbursement. At this time the FOOTBAR® Walker is considered a “luxury item for the caregiver”. The base walker, however, is an E0143. Some have been able to claim on Long Term Health plans as medical expense.  

Can this be covered under my Flexible Spending or HSA account?      

We suggest you speak with the administrator of your plan to determine coverage.

Will the VA pay for a Footbar® walker?

Yes, we have had veterans to receive the Footbar® Walker for Free, at VA Hospitals, when the doctor orders, through our DME sales people. Call 731-924-4444 to be led to the right sales group in your area.

All sales final, no returns on this medical device.